RCC Design Group provides Civil Engineering Services to Architects, Developers, Contractors, and Owners. We take a team approach and believe in providing excellent service.

Our experience includes all types of land development projects from 1 acre restaurant sites to 60 acre multi-use developments, and everything in between. We work in all cities in the valley and all over Arizona. We also have projects in Nevada and California, and are licensed in 5 other states.

Our slogan "Whatever It Takes" is so much more than that. It is our company philosophy. Our philosophy centers around the following three principals:

  Accountability - Do what you say you are going to do...

RCC Design Group believes that accountability is paramount to the success of a Client's project and the Client / Consultant relationship.

To show our commitment to accountability, we have online project diaries to track important events on the project timeline.

This enables the Client to log on at any time to check the project status.

Click HERE for an example project diary.

  Responsiveness - When you say you're going to do it...

RCC Design Group recognizes the importance of responsiveness when it comes to the Client / Consultation relationship.

To show our commitment to responsiveness, we routinely perform all tasks in a timely manner. Whether we are returning a phone call or meeting an immovable deadline, we understand that time is money and we will not waste either.

  Technical Expertise - How you say you're going to do it.

RCC Design Group believes that the best design is technically strong, cost effective, and meets the Clients specific needs.

To show our commitment to technical expertise, each project is reviewed separately by a professional engineer who is independent of the design engineer. This provides a new perspective to reduce errors and design efficiencies.

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